Magnetic Properties

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Magnetic properties are due to repulsion. Which of the following ground state ions is/are diamagnetic?

This question requires the use of a periodic table.

I. Fe2+ ——– II. Zn2+ ——– III. Cu1+ ——– IV. Ni2+ ——– V. V2+

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A diamagnetic ion will have no unpaired subshells in its atomic orbitals. A paramagnetic ion will have one unpaired electron in its atomic orbitals, leading it to be slightly more magnetic due to the unbalance. For example, Zn2+ will lose 2 electrons from the 4s2 while leaving the 3d10 orbital full, leaving no unpaired electrons. Copper will lose electrons from the 4s2 orbital to fill the 3d10 orbital, a more stable configuration and thus a diamagnetic compound.


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