MCAT Studying Advice and Resources

Have you checked out all of our MCAT Wisdom articles yet? If you haven’t, here is a nice compiled list of some of our more popular wisdom articles.

Overview of the MCAT

What Is The MCAT? – The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is a test administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). Learn more about the test.

The Road to the MCAT – Planning on registering for the MCAT soon? Learn more about the process of registering for the test.

What Happens on Test-Day? – Do you know what happens on test day? Read this article to get an overview of what happens in the testing center.

Studying Tips

Tips for Studying for the MCAT – Some insights on how to create a MCAT gameplan.

Kaplan & Princeton Materials Studying From Home – Studying for the MCAT with materials from home? Learn how to make your studying time more effective.

Is The Kaplan Course Effective? – Allison’s experience preparing for the MCAT her first time through.

Studying Aids

Time Management Tips For Pre-Med Students – Spend less time studying by studying effectively.

Managing Stress While Studying – Stressed out because of school? Learn how to manage that stress.


MCAT Extra Curricular Activities – Extracurricular activities are beneficial on applications. Read how to make them work.

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