A portion of the MCAT questions asked on this site are provided by The Princeton Review. We thank our partner for providing us and the rest of the pre-medical community access to high level MCAT grade questions as well as access to verbal and more in-depth science passages. More information about The Princeton Review can be found below.

How do top scorers prepare for the MCAT? Obsessively and incessantly. In fact, it’s not uncommon for students to spend upwards of 300 hours getting ready for this notoriously grueling exam. And while there may be many ways to raise your score, we know that 105 hours of live instruction with our team of MCAT subject experts works remarkably well.

Comprehensive, rigorous and intensive prep

* 105 hours of live instruction
* 22.5 hours of verbal prep–the most in the industry
* Team instruction by subject experts
* 19 full–length practice tests including all officially released AAMC exams
* 20+ hours of one–on–one office hour time for extra help
* 150+ hours of online drills, practice passages and test explanations
* Money back and satisfaction guarantee

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