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Allison GrecoAllison Greco has kindly agreed to answer some of the top questions our community wants answered. Allison is a medical student in the class of 2013 and has a great passion for social media. You can follow her on twitter @grecoa3.

What is the best piece of advice you have for students preparing to take the MCAT exam?

It’s super important to know and be comfortable with your own study style, and don’t get nervous or intimidated because your classmates use different methods. For example, I simply cannot sit in the library and study all day and night. I need to take frequent breaks and reward myself for lots of studying; I get far more out of studying this way. In fact, it might be helpful to make a study calendar to make studying and break time more manageable. It’s a something I did to study for my boards in medical school (but not for my MCAT), and I found it very helpful. It’s also a good idea to study in the same format as the test – i.e., using a computer – to train your brain.

Also, practice, practice, practice! Sure, learning the science and memorizing formulas are important, but you’d be surprised how often questions are repeated. You can get a question book or subscribe to an online question bank, and try to do a few questions every day.

Finally, I recommend visiting the prometric site prior to test day and familiarizing yourself with the facilities to eliminate some nerves come test day.

Oh, and we can’t forget the party or special celebration for when you finish!

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