What Happens on Test-Day?

The AAMC is very helpful in solving any problems and questions you may have regarding the MCAT. They normally respond very quickly and can be reached at 202-828-0690 or mcat@aamc.org.


What Do I Need to do on Test-Day?

The AAMC reports three criteria to be admitted to the exam.

  • You must report to the test center 30 minutes before the exam start time.
  • You must provide a valid form of identification (Driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  • You must accept the terms to not reveal any information about the content of the exam, including questions and answers.

What are the Regulations of the Test Center?

Here is the rundown for test-day:

  • The center will provide scratch paper, ear covers, and pencils. No other aids are allowed. You are not allowed to keep your scratch paper.
  • You may not bring any personal items other than your identification to the testing room. You may bring food and other electronics, but they must be stored in an independent area.
  • You must sign in and out each time you enter and leave the testing room.
  • A fingerprint scan will also identify you each time you enter the test room.
  • You will be assigned a seat by the test administrator.
  • You may not use your cell phone during the exam or during the breaks.
  • You may not bring a watch or timer; a timer will be provided for you.

What exactly does the “Void” option do?

All of your MCAT scores are saved and submitted to medical schools, including the poor performance exams. However, if you feel uncomfortable with your performance at the end of the exam, you can elect to void your exam, meaning it will not be scored and your participation in the exam will not be reported. However, it will count towards one of the three times you can take the MCAT each year. Please note that voided scores cannot be “unvoided”, you will not receive a score, and the AAMC will not grant refunds for voided exams.

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