5 Most Popular MCAT Biology Questions

Top 5 MCAT Biology QuestionsWith over 100+ questions posted on MCAT Question of the Day so far, we’ve had many questions that have received more submitted answers than others.

Since our very first bio question ever posted to our most recent, we’ve believe we’ve covered all of the bases.

Below are our 5 most popular MCAT Biology Questions since we started:

1. Pituitary Gland: If you need a refreshed on hormones, this is your question.

2. Vitamin Absorption: Very controversial question, one of the harder Bio questions we’ve asked.

3. Eukaryotic Kingdoms: An easy biology question. Definitely an ego-booster for some, which may be why it was one of our most popular biology questions ever.

4. Bond Breaking In DNA: Solid DNA MCAT question that served as a refresher for many.

5. Sodium Ion Movement: The first biology question ever posted on MCAT Question of the Day, along with being one of the most answered.

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That wraps up our list! We’ll be doing a list for the 5 most popular MCAT Chemistry and MCAT Physics questions soon, so keep an eye out. In the meantime, feel free to follow MCAT Question of the Day on Twitter or on Facebook.

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