5 Most Popular MCAT Physics Questions

Top 5 MCAT Physics Questions

With over 140+ questions posted on MCAT Question of the Day so far, we’ve had many questions that have been more popular with our readers than others.

You’ve read our 5 Most Popular MCAT Biology Questions and MCAT Chemistry Questions, now it’s time to cover our most popular MCAT physics questions, starting from the very beginning.

Here are our 5 most popular MCAT Physics Questions since we started:

1. Missile Velocity: Our second physics question ever posted happens to be a nice conceptual problem. I find the picture to be pretty funny as well.

2. Force and Velocity: Use the force, Luke. A great problem to go back and review, also contains reference to Star Wars.

3. Low Stakes: Funny title + good problem to grab a calculator for = popular question.

4. Whistle While You Run: How much do you know about the Doppler effect? One of the few questions that the majority of students got wrong.

5. String Fixed At Both Ends: Great conceptual question that many students forget. Also, as a bass player, I particularly enjoyed the picture.

Well, that wraps up our list & our “5 Most Popular” series! As you could imagine, this list was quite hard to compile because there are no popular physics questions. I kid, I kid, but in the meantime, you should definitely follow MCAT Question of the Day on Twitter and on Facebook.

Photo attributed to Equipo.

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